Legal Requirements - Blue Waters Resort & Spa

If you wish you get married at Blue Waters then there are a few legal documents that you will need to bring with you, to ensure your big day runs as smoothly as possible.

Please take note of the following:

Your ceremony will be conducted by a marriage officer who is appointed by the state of Antigua and Barbuda, and is legally recognised on the island.

Ceremonies can be performed after one working day, subject to availability between 10:00am-5:00pm Monday-Saturday (excluding public holidays).

A Catholic wedding must take place in a church.

Marrying in a Commonwealth Country means that the only record of the wedding outside of Antigua is the marriage certificate, which is completed and given to the couple on their wedding day. If this is ever lost, a certified copy would need to be obtained from the registrar in Antigua.

Original legal documents required

  • A valid passport
  • A birth certificate (if changing name)
  • Proof of marital status i.e. original or notarised copy of Decree Absolute is required if one or both of the parties is divorced.
  • In the case of a widow/widower, the death certificate of the deceased spouse is required
  • If either party has changed their name by deed poll or adoption, then proof is required.
  • If either party is under the age of 18 then the consent of one or both parents/guardians is required in the form of an affidavit stamped by the notary public, and birth certificate.
  • For church weddings, most ministers require proof of membership.
  • The marriage must be solemnised by the Certified Marriage Officer.

It is essential that the original documents, including passports, are taken to the hotel. Anything not in English must be translated into an English document, which is to be signed and stamped by a solicitor stating that they are the true translation of the original.