Sustainability - Blue Waters Resort & Spa

Blue Waters is pleased to unveil a new major plastic reducing initiative, with the installation of refillable water stations around the property and the introduction of a new complimentary BPA-free water bottle amenity for guests. The resort is the first in Antigua to lead the way to a cleaner, plastic-free future and the latest initiative joins Blue Waters’ other sustainability efforts, as the resort takes a major step forward in its goal to become completely plastic free in the near future.

Upon arrival to the resort, guests are offered their BPA free water bottle on check-in, which they are encouraged to use throughout their stay, using the water refill points across the resort. The bottle can be taken home with them as a reminder of their time at the resort and to practice plastic free efforts at home. Additionally, the resort has educated all staff on the importance of eliminating plastic waste, so that they may encourage guests to do the same.

We are delighted to announce the introduction of Neem Avenue into our bathrooms and public areas across the resort. Neem Avenue has replaced all single-use plastic bath amenities resort-wide, providing a fully-organic and sustainable new offering for guests, the introduction of Neem Avenue will drastically reduce Blue Waters Resort & Spa’s single-use plastic consumption. The first resort in Antigua to pave the way for a cleaner, plastic-free future, this new initiative serves as a major leap forward in the resort’s mission to completely eliminate its plastic use.

Inspired by the ingredients, oceans and fragrances of the Caribbean, Neem Avenue was created to combine the best in organic, natural beauty with the pressing need to reduce single-use plastic. Utilizing local ingredients and plants such as neroli, grapefruit, clary sage, magnolia and sweet orange, Neem Avenue has created the highest quality products that naturally cleanse and moisturize without any harmful chemicals, by products, or allergens.

Additional Efforts

These are just two in a series of new sustainable practices adopted by Blue Waters. Intent on protecting the island’s precious oceans and wildlife, the resort has continuously been ramping up its environmental and community responsibility efforts, as of late with the introduction of a dedicated on-property Green Team. This team meets regularly to explore ways for the resort, to reduce its environmental footprint. Additional eco-friendly efforts introduced include:

  • Composting seaweed
  • Maintaining freshly grown produce on-site using the resort’s own water treatment plant of recycled water
  • Consulting with marine biologists regularly to discuss the impact of the resort on the beach and the ecosystem
  • Recycling all aluminium on property, as well as any building materials
  • Ensuring all soft furnishings (rugs) in the Cove Suites are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Eliminating the use of motorized water sports
  • Offering suitable food waste to local farmers for animal feed
  • Adding an organic skin care range in the spa with its new partnership with ila Spa
  • Using solar energy to power the walkways and garden lights around the property
  • Introducing various eco-friendly brands and products in the gift shop