8 All Inclusive Family Resorts with the Best Food - familyvacationcritic.com

It used to be that all inclusive resorts meant big vats of food, not always healthy and not always fresh. But that has changed with a new breed of all inclusive family resorts focusing on local or organic products and creating more creative (and heart-healthy) dishes. Plus, the variety-from freshly-caught fish to prime cuts of steak-will make you think you’re at a fine dining restaurant. Here, our favorite all inclusive family resorts with the best food.

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These Spots in Antigua Will Take Your Insta to the Next Level - cosmopolitan.com

I hate the cold. I know, a weird comment from a girl who grew up in Ohio and willingly moved to New York City. But as the years go by, I’m realizing I really, truly do not like winter. In fact, I go into total hibernation mode

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FAMILY 6 Family-Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts We Love - Budgettravel.com

Food, drink, water sports, and kid activities are part of the package at these gorgeous properties. And don’t forget the added perks: freedom, ease, and relaxation

Think of it as a one-stop shopping spree through paradise. All-inclusive resorts stay true to their name—throwing in food, drinks, entertainment, and activities for one price.

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How to Holiday Like Royalty - sandinmysuitcase.com

Back before Meghan Markle, when Prince Harry was still a bachelor with a twinkle in his eye, he stayed at Blue Waters, Antigua.

He picked well.

You can have a right royal holiday at Blue Waters Resort and Spa, we discovered on a recent visit.

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The 8 most stunning waterfront bars in the world - matadornetwork.com

WHETHER YOU’RE OVERLOOKING a pristine, tropical beach or the glittering skyline of a booming metropolis, there’s something special about enjoying cocktail hour on the water. Oceans, lakes, and rivers bring us a sense of calm, especially if we’re relishing the view with an icy beverage in hand. From a cocktail bar situated on the beach of a Spanish Mediterranean village to a towering lounge overlooking New York City, these are some of the most stunning waterfront bars in the world.

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Antigua Blues - Atlanta Tribune

Like the island itself and its people, Blue Waters is utterly uninterested in the requisite clichés and motifs you might expect of a Caribbean gem, and opts instead to draw from its intrinsic value – its naturally occurring one-ups that do all the work: the cradle of blue water that lends itself the resort’s namesake; the lush, 17-acre flora and fauna that wrap around three secluded beach coves and freshwater pools, three of them fronting newly refreshed Cove Suites, impeccably kept, as a matter of standard not show.

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Antigua: Life's A Beach - mississauga.com

As the bright orange sun begins to set behind the steep hill leading up to Shirley Point – a former military lookout in Antigua – as soon as our van comes to a stop and we open the doors, the sound of Bob Marley’s “One Love” fills the air. Our heads begin to sway to the melodic tones, bobbing along like bobbleheads… “One Love….One Heart…let’s get together and feel alright.” The press group I am travelling with almost leap from the van, excited to discover the source of the music.

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A lush tropical haven in the West Indies - nuvomagazine.com

A short drive from Antigua’s V.C. Bird International Airport and minutes from the capital city of St. John’s, is an exceptional, family-owned resort nestled between 17 acres of tropical gardens and the Caribbean Sea.

The charming Blue Waters Resort & Spa, opened in 1960, has been named Antigua and Barbuda’s Leading Hotel by the World Travel Awards for the past seven years, received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award for its contribution to the island, and famously hosted Prince Harry in one of the resort’s Cove Penthouses during his 2016 Official Tour of the Caribbean.

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24 Glamorous Royal Family Vacation Destinations - cosmopolitan.com

Collectively, the royal family travels the world enough that their collective frequent flyer miles balance has to be worth nearly as much as the Crown Jewels! And they always vacation–even if, yes, it’s a “working vacation/state visit–in style. So, here are some of their favorite hotels and vacation spots around the world where you can actually book a room–sometimes even on a commoner’s salary!

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Where to Weekend: Antigua, Home of 365 Beaches - fodors.com

Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, numerous white sand beaches, limestone formations, and world-class dining and diving options, Antigua is an ideal spot for a quick getaway to refresh and refuel the soul.

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Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados: Caribbean island-hopping itinerary - christravelblog.com

I visit around 35 countries every year of which, on average, 10 are new and the others re-visits. The Caribbean never crossed my path until recently when I had the opportunity to go there of a business trip in Philadelphia. I had two weeks and came up with the following Caribbean island-hopping itinerary. It includes Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados.

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Return to Antigua - recommend.com

Travel professionals can’t help but like success stories, and Blue Waters Resort & Spa is surely one of them, what with its renovations and its growth in the North American market. That got my attention, so I recently checked in to check it out.

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The Best Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations - theplunge.com

You newlyweds deserve a truly incredible vacation. And by now, you’re also probably pretty sick of making decisions (seriously, who knew you’d ever be forced to have an opinion on card boxes?) Sit down. Grab a drink. We found the absolute best destinations for every kind of checklist, meaning we did the picking for you. You’re welcome.

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Blue Waters Resort & Spa, Antigua
Blue Waters Resort & Spa, Antigua

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